Increased environmental demands require lighter structures for aircraft and automobiles - carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are suitable for light and stiff profile components. With its rapid, easily adaptable and continuous manufacturing mechanism the COPRO®-Technology enables efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of preform profiles for the RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process.

Within the RTM process chain the preforming is a cost-intensive manufacturing step. Automation of this process can significantly reduce component costs. The highly innovative COPRO®-Technology provides a manufacturing technology for composite profiles as applied in structures of automotive and commercial vehicles and aerospace applications. Integrated into the RTM process chain and in combination with non-crimp-fabrics (NCF) the technology provides an attractive and competitive opportunity for the manufacturing of CFRP components even in the automotive mass production process.

COPRO® – preforming technology

The patented COPRO®-Technology uses rotating pairs of rollers. Semi-finished textiles are continuously formed into preform profiles by rollers rotating with variable speeds. Due to the infinitely variable adjustment of the speed difference between the roller pairs preform profiles with freely adjustable radii of curvature can be realized. The COPRO®-Technology produces open profile cross-sections such as C, Z, T or ? or closed profiles in a continuous production process. Simultaneous processing of multiple layers is also possible as well as in-line integration of reinforcement layers or patches. For hybrid applications, glass, aramid and carbon fiber semi-finished goods or metal strips can be processed simultaneously. Prepregs and thermoplastic materials have also been tested for their basic formability with the COPRO®-Technology.

Quality assurance

With the use of optical sensors for edge detection, a precise controlled material flow is ensured. Contactless temperature sensors provide evenly heating of the material. A special high performance fiber angle sensor provides the documentation and storage of the material orientation of the manufactured layers and thus enables a complete quality assurance.

COPRO® - benefits for your production

COPRO®-Technology provides a fast, highly flexible and quality-assured alternative to forming processes with massive tools. The fully automated and continuous COPRO®-Technology enables a reduction of up to 35% of preforming costs compared to the discontinuous robot-based preforming. It represents a sub-process in the RTM process chain and can be integrated seamlessly and easily into existing manufacturing processes. Modules using fiber plastic composites can efficiently be equipped with stiffening profiles. Thus, both sub-processes and entire manufacturing processes can benefit from the integration of the COPRO®-Technology.

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