Building on our experience in the aerospace sector, we develop individual solutions for your composite lightweight application. Our ground-breaking manufacturing technology for composite profiles increases cost efficiency in comparison to conventional production processes. This gives us the opportunity to manufacture in Germany.

Our partner for research and development

The establishment of a production facility for bicycle carbon rims in Braunschweig is supported by

We enable lightweight mobility
Engineering skill meets innovation

We are engineers and therefore led by the question, how to optimize manufacturing processes. We transfer our expertise from the aerospace sector to selected fields of mobility and sports: As an innovative company, we develop efficient solutions for new composite lightweight applications for our customers’ benefits.


Lightweight structures gain in importance especially in the mobility sector: The lighter the aircrafts, ships and cars, the lower the fuel consumption and exhaust emission. Fibre composite components play a decisive role: FRP profiles replace metal profiles and are not only stronger than steel but also lighter than aluminium.

In practice: The aerospace sector — leading industry for lightweight construction — forecasts a 10 % reduction of CO2 emission through the use of carbon fibre for a current short-haul aircraft. (Source: Prof. Wiedemann, DLR). In the case of an average occupied 1500 km flight it results in about 5000 kg less CO2.
In the case of a traditional passenger car, 100 kg weight reduction means nearly 10 g less CO2 every 100 km. The structural use of carbon fibre enables the saving of 200 kg per car. Annualized, this represents 112 kg less CO2 for each average car. On a comparable scale, the electric power consumption and therefore emissions of an electric car can be lowered, and its reach increased.

Rethinking fibre composites
The COPRO® technology

The tactical combination of material and manufacturing process is the key to product quality and cost efficiency. Our patented production process for preform profiles for RTM and other injection processes allows us to improve both simultaneously. The result: High quality at competitive price made in Germany.


Professional consulting for individual solutions
We optimize your composite manufacturing process

Our team of engineers and technicians provide a long-time experience in the production, design and construction of composite components and processes — and is always with passion and inventive talent out and about. We develop individual solutions for your composite profile production and integrate the COPRO® technology in your manufacturing process in collaboration with you.
Take advantage of the possibilities of our roll forming technology and save costs, time and resources within the manufacturing of your composite profiles.


Arne Stahl
Founder and Managing Director

Henrik Borgwardt
Founder and Managing Director

Idea becomes innovation
Genesis of the COPRO® technology

The COPRO Technology GmbH has got its roots in the aerospace industry. From the first light bulb moment to the patent in 2012, a lot of time and energy went in the development of the COPRO® technology. Even though we are now entrepreneurs, we always keep our inventive spirit.


A mark of confidence
The first COPRO® product

How could we better demonstrate the suitability of the COPRO® technology than through the production of an own product? The Lilientha — a carbon fibre rim for mountain bikes — is the first product on the market, which is manufactured with the COPRO® technology. Understandable that we are full of pride.